[Download] KANA-BOON – Massara (Single) / Sarazanmai Opening

[Download] KANA-BOON – Massara (Single) / Sarazanmai Opening

KANA-BOON – Massara (Single) / Sarazanmai Opening
KANA - BOON - Massara single information and links of store and download.

Distribution of KANA-BOON 's new song "Masara" started today on May 2nd.

"Masara" is a song written by KANA-BOON as the opening theme for the anime "Sazanzani" being aired on Fuji Television's Noitamina frame, and will be singled on June 12. Prior to the release of the CD, iTunes Store, Rekochok, mora, and LINE MUSIC are being distributed.

KANA-BOON commemorates the major debut 5th anniversary, has performed new releases and live events over 5 seasons from last year, and single "Masara" will be the work that concludes the anniversary year.


Download KANA-BOON – Massara (Single) / Sarazanmai Opening

File Size: 11MB/ ZIP / (MP3/320k) Release (2019.06.02) 


TV Animation: “Sarazanmai” Opening Theme.

01 Sarazanmai

  1. https://natalie.mu/music/news/330131 - KANA-BOON書き下ろし「さらざんまい」OP曲、本日先行配信スタート
  2. http://www.kanaboon.com/ - KANA-BOON(カナブーン)official site
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